Day 03 -- Case Skit

Day 03 -- Case Skit - ETHICS PROJECT – CASE& SKIT...

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Unformatted text preview: ETHICS PROJECT – CASE & SKIT Step-by-Step Instructions: 1. There are two parts to this project. To begin students will need to be divided into groups of four. Have each group chose a spokesperson. 2. Each group will have to prepare a case (WRITTEN summary of a situation in paragraph form ) that illustrates an ethical dilemma that someone may experience in the working environment. a. Topics include (cards will be drawn to determine how these are assigned): (1) dress code violation, (2) tardiness, (3) embezzlement, (4) absenteeism, (5) software piracy, and (6) sexual harassment. 3. After students finish preparing the case, each group will prepare a skit (up to 5 minutes) that presents the situation in which an ethical decision has to be made. The skit will PRESENT the situation, NOT give the solution to it. 4. Each group will present their project and perform their skit. (everyone MUST be in the skit) 5. After each skit the other groups will briefly (no more than 60 seconds) discuss the dilemma among...
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Day 03 -- Case Skit - ETHICS PROJECT – CASE& SKIT...

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