Day 03 -- Secret Shopper Evaluation

Day 03 -- Secret Shopper Evaluation - who completes the...

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Name Comp. No. Secret Shopper Evaluation 1. List your favorite “sit-down” restaurant that you have frequented more than once. 2. Create a “secret shopper” evaluation form (rubric) that a secret shopper would use to evaluate the restaurant on any random night. 3. The evaluation form must have: name of the restaurant address, city, state, zip of the restaurant phone number of the restaurant a scoring system (1-10, Excellent-Bad, etc.) a place for comments The scoring system must cover all aspects of the dining experience from: o o parking o the exterior of the restaurant o the service of the employees o inside décor o the quality of the meal o o any 3 other bits of information YOU think is important (must have 3 other items) 4. Once created, the students then must write a one paragraph (double-spaced) rationale on the another page, explaining how the evaluation will be given to the “secret shopper” so that the employees do not know
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Unformatted text preview: who completes the form and how the form will be useful to the manager of the restaurant as a tool for future success. Rubric Name of the restaurant 3 Address, city, state, zip of the restaurant 2 Phone number of the restaurant 2 A scoring system (1-10, Excellent-Bad, etc.) 5 A place for comments 3 Parking 2 The exterior of the restaurant 2 The service of the employees 2 Inside décor 2 The quality of the meal 2 Item one (student’s choice) 5 Item two (student’s choice) 5 Item three (student’s choice) 5 OVERALL APPEAL Above and Beyond (VERY appealing to the eye—extra graphics, formatting, colors, logos, etc.) Average (attractive to the eye, basic formatting) Below Average (hard to understand or following instructions, very POOR formatting) 30 20 10 100 Spelling Errors (5 points each) Name Comp. No. TOTAL...
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Day 03 -- Secret Shopper Evaluation - who completes the...

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