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Unformatted text preview: Student Activities $ Lesson Two Making Money 04/09 name: date: assess your personal interests, abilities and career goals. based on your personal situation, answer the following questions: 1: What topics of study do or did you enjoy most in school? 2: What skills do you do well? What do you feel to be your most distinguishing skill or area  of specialty? 3: What are your interests away from school or work? 4: Describe a situation in which you helped organize the work of others. 5: Describe a situation in which you worked with a team to achieve a goal. 6: Describe the kind of job you might like. based on your answers to the above items, describe two or three jobs that meet your criteria: A. B. C. www.practicalmoneyskills.com making money student activity 2-1 name: date: evaluating the current employment market Select two career areas that interest you. Using library information, the internet, and interviews with others, obtain answers to the following questions: career 1 career 2 1.  hat are the general activities W and duties of this job? 2.  hat are the physical W surroundings, work hours, and mental and physical demands of this type of work? 3.  hat training and educational W background is needed for this area of employment? 4.  ill these career areas be in W demand in the future? 5.  hat are the starting W and advanced salaries for this industry? 6.  hat makes these careers W attractive to you? www.practicalmoneyskills.com making money student activity 2-2 name: date: creating a resume A resume is a personal data sheet commonly used to apply for a job. It lists your skills and experience so that future employers can see what you have already done and whether your experience meets the job’s requirements. Fill out the following categories to assist you in preparing your resume. education degree/programs completed, school, location, areas of study, dates work experience title, organization, dates, responsibilities other experience (volunteer work, school, and community activities) title, organization, dates, responsibilities honors/awards title, organization, dates www.practicalmoneyskills.com making money student activity 2-3 name: date: read and interpret pay stubs directions Answer the following questions using the pay stubs on the following pages: 1.  hat is the name of Jane Brown’s employer? W 2.  ow much did Jane earn before taxes? H 3.  hat is Jane's hourly wage? W 4.  ist Jane’s deductions. L 5.  hat pay period does Peter Smith’s check cover? W 6.  ow much federal income tax has been taken out of Peter’s check so far during 1999? H 7.  ow much did Peter contribute to a retirement plan from this paycheck? H 8.  ow much is Peter’s take-home pay? H 9.  here does Mary Stone work? W 10.  ow much is Mary’s salary? H 11.  ow much money was deducted from Mary’s paycheck? H 12.  ow much has Mary been paid in total during 1999? H www.practicalmoneyskills.com making money student activity 2-4a read and interpret pay stubs HAMBURGER PALACE ENTERPRISES, INC. NAME JANE BROWN PAYROLL ENDING 3/14/09 CHECK NO. 9343 EMPLOYEE NO. L4325 EARNINGS Description AMOUNT $87.50 TAXES WITHHELD OTHER DEDUCTIONS Amount Tax Current YTD 20 120.00 Fed Income Tax 12.72 174.90 Social Sec 7.44 102.30 Medicare Regular Hrs. 1.74 23.93 3.60 49.50 State Income Tax CURRENT EMPLOYEE PETER SMITH SSN 999-99-9999 PAY PERIOD 8/06/09 TO 8/12/09 8/12/09 8/06/09 TO PAY DATE 8/15/09 8/15/09 CHECK NO. 3259 NET PAY $182.41 EARNINGS Description Current YTD 7.00 1650.00 THE BANANA BREADBOX Overtime MEALS Amount 120.00 YTD Regular Description TAXES WITHHELD OTHER DEDUCTIONS Hrs. Amount Tax Current YTD 40 140.00 Fed Income Tax 35.28 429.84 401(K) 30.00 6 54.00 Social Sec 18.23 222.08 HEALTH 15.00 194.00 Medicare 4.26 51.94 State Income Tax 8.82 107.46 3582.00 www.practicalmoneyskills.com making money Description Amount student activity 2-4b read and interpret pay stubs (continued) DANCE-O-RAMA EMPLOYEE Mary Stone EMPLOYEE # A5926 PAY PERIOD 7/01/09 TO 7/15/09 PAY DATE 7/14/09 7/01/09 TO 7/15/09 CHECK NO. 3691215 7/14/09 NET PAY $349.21 EARNINGS Description Regular Hrs. TAXES WITHHELD Amount Tax Current YTD 448.00 Fed Income Tax 49.95 385.62 Social Sec 27.79 361.09 Medicare 6.50 84.45 14.56 182.28 Salary Current YTD OTHER DEDUCTIONS 448.00 5824.00 State Income Tax www.practicalmoneyskills.com making money Description Amount student activity 2-4c name: date: lesson two quiz: making money true-false The career planning process starts with assessing your personal interests, abilities, 1.  and goals. 2. Interviewing is the final phase of the career planning process. 3. Travel costs to work are considered to be “hidden” job costs. 4. Worker’s compensation is a common employee benefit received by most workers. 5. Gross pay results from deducting various deductions from your earnings. multiple choice The first phase of the career 6.  planning process is to: A. dentify specific job i opportunities. B. nterview for available i positions. C.  ssess personal interests a and abilities. D.  pply for employment a positions. 7.  After applying for an available position, the next step usually involves: A. nterviewing. i B.  btaining training for o necessary skills. C.  omparing employee benefits. c D.  reparing a personal data p sheet (resume). 8. A  hidden cost of a job might involve: A. gross pay. B.  niform fees. u C.  mployee discounts. e D.  etirement benefits. r 9.  Which of the following employee benefits would a working parent find most useful? A. stock options B.  ax deferred retirement plan t C.  ocial Security benefits S D.  arental leave p 10.  common deduction on a person’s A pay stub would be: A. gross pay. B.  nemployment tax. u C.  ederal income tax. f D.  xcise tax. e case application Sue Smith has worked for nine years in retail sales. She is considering going back to school to change career fields. What factors should be considered before making this decision? www.practicalmoneyskills.com making money quiz 2-5 ...
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