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WBL Press Release Activity and Rubric

WBL Press Release Activity and Rubric - 5 SUBTITLE 5...

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WBL/YAP Press Release Activity INSTRUCTIONS: 1. RESEARCH INFORMATION ABOUT PRESS RELEASES: a. Go to the following website to get the basic formatting and information about press releases: http://www.publicityinsider.com/release.asp b. Go to Mrs. Pitts’ WBL/YAP website files and download the student handbook. Get basic information about the program. 2. CREATE PRESS RELEASE IN WORD: a. Create a new word document. 3. INFORMATION IN THE NEWS RELEASE: Possible Points Earned Points HORNET LOGO (I Drive/Graphics/Clipart/Hornets) 5 CORRECT HEADING INFORMATION Contact: Jenny Pitts Telephone: 229-896-2213 Email: [email protected] Written by: Student’s Name 5 CATCHY TITLE
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Unformatted text preview: 5 SUBTITLE 5 BENEFITS FOR THE BUSINESS PARTNERS List current business partners (alphabetically): Borders Melons; Chris Hilliard Family Dentistry, DMD; Cook County Board of Education; Dairy Queen; DEP Farms; Dorsey’s Grocery; Fausetts, Inc.; Harvey’s Grocery; Huddle House; Triple T 25 BENEFITS FOR THE STUDENT Currently have 24 students participating 25 RESPONSIBILITIES OF STUDENTS AND WBL/YAP COORDINATOR 25 CORRECT FOOTER INFORMATION & RUBRIC ATTACHED 31 Student’s Name, Unit 1 – WBL/YAP Press Release Activity 5 100 . GRAMMATICAL/SPELLING ERRORS 3 points each Number of errors Points Deducted Total Grade...
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