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A vocabulary list for writing Haiku poetry Nouns Names of objects frog dog mountain sheep hill road field crocus tree swan cat toad stream horse snow tulip meadow rainbow swamp cloud cattle forest farm wood fruit candle plant sea grape ocean cottage sky pot slope mouse lake garden rose ivy fern trout fish Verbs Words of action Jumps washes hops dries hopes wishes thinks believes drinks gathers smells blinks watches gobbles crouches eats flounces learns jiggles teaches dances reaches
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Unformatted text preview: spins hides listens sings writes sighs flies cries dies blows glows shivers stays Adjectives Describing words gentle harshly beautiful ugly grateful dully lovely spookily kindly swiftly tightly cruelly radiantly rudely slowly sleepily quickly gracefully slyly badly pierce peacefully quietly loudly nastily stubbornly selfishly humorously naturally flamboyantly generously friendly spitefully unceasingly...
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