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Overall expectations that this assignment addresses: *revise their written work, independently and collaboratively, with a focus on support for ideas and opinions, accuracy, clarity, and unity; ALTERNATE CHARACTER SKETCH ASSIGNMENT ENG 1DI Mrs. A. Lehmann Characters are vital ingredients to every story. Authors use many techniques to develop the personality and world of the characters they create. It is a reader’s responsibility to get to know the characters through the various methods an author uses. Your task for this assignment is as follows: 1) Read the story provided by the teacher. You may want to read it more than once to ensure a thorough understanding of the plot and characters. 2) Create a CHARACTER QUADRANT as part of your brainstorming and planning before you write. Be sure your CHARACTER QUADRANT has direct quotes from the story where necessary. 3) Complete a ROUGH DRAFT of your character sketch, that includes editing by YOU and ONE OTHER PERSON (a peer, a parent, a teacher etc.). 5 Paragraphs; including an (introduction and a conclusion) 4) Complete a FINAL DRAFT that you are proud of, free of errors in grammar, structure, and punctuation. Be sure your final draft follows the
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