Doing Something eStory

Doing Something eStory - they tell me. I tell them that...

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Unformatted text preview: they tell me. I tell them that around here that shouldn't be a problem because most of the scenery is like out of a movie anyway, except for the dump and Jansen's back yard. The other thing they do is put a notice up on the board outside the Stones Throw Restaurant. It says, IT'SONEOFTHOSE beautiful days. If it was music, it couldn't be metal or rap, it'd be a great ballad with slow clean guitar riffs. The sky is blue, the trees are green, and the lake is calm as glass. It's so perfect and beautiful it makes your eyes hurt. It's the perfect day for doing some- thing. The question is, what? "I don't care what you do," Dad says, getting into the car, "just don't touch the boat." EXTRAS NEEDED For Television Commercial Ten females, ages sixteen to twenty. One male, sixteen to twenty. Apply in person for audition, Room 16, Stones Throw Motel 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. Tuesday, July 8. Sunrise Films Inc. "Don't even think about it," says Dad. "And be careful," says Mom. The car rumbles off. Mom always says that to me, ever since last summer when I broke my knee in Jansen's back yard. This is when I took up guitar. Something to do while I was hobbling around in a cast. The knee's fine now, but every now and then when I'm walking and when I least expect it, it does a vanishing act, just pretends that it's not there, and I wind up on my face. It's embarrassing sometimes but no big deal. Anyway, everybody else is doing something. Dad and Mom have gone golfing. My sister, Karen, and her friends are practising to be movie stars (good luck). My bud, Snake, has gone north fishing with his Uncle Jack. My other bud, Jodie, is back in town going to his ortho- dontist. And I'm stuck here alone. With nothing to do. I can't even play guitar. It's at the shop getting fixed. Broken neck. When I say my sister is practising to be a movie star, I'm not kid- ding. She and all her other 16-year-old friends have all gone gaga over these two dudes who pulled into the Stones Throw Restaurant and Motel in a black van with Sunrise Films Inc. written on it. I follow them. They have sort of long hair and sunglasses. One of them needs a shave. They immediately started wandering around for "loC<ltions," places where tIll' scenery is best ,md th;]l SOI'l01 Ihill)',_Th<ll's wh,]1 And now everybody wants to be a movie star. Except me. I won't be 15 till next month. The two guys disappear into the motel and I wander down to the lakeshore just to see if anything's happening and to kind of look at the boat that's been declared out of bounds while Dad's not around. It's not exactly built for speed, but it goes all right with the 90 horse Merc flat ~ut. I.mean, at least it makes waves, and does a pretty good job towmg skiers. But not today. There's nobody to ski with anyway. What a waste....
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Doing Something eStory - they tell me. I tell them that...

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