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ENG 1DI SIS - Full Version 2010


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S TUDENT I NFORMATION S HEET / O UTLINE OF C OURSE OF S TUDY School: St. David Catholic Secondary School Department: Language and Communications Program Head: Ministry Document: The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9-12, English, 2007 (revised) Course Title: Grade 9 English Course Type: Academic Grade: 9 Course Code: ENG 1DI Credit: One Prerequisite: None Teacher(s): Mrs. Angela Lehmann Date: February 2010 Course Description: This course is designed to develop the oral communication, reading, writing, and media literacy skills that students need for success in their secondary school academic programs and in their daily lives. Students will analyse literary texts from contemporary and historical periods, interpret informational and graphic texts, and create oral, written, and media texts in a variety of forms. An important focus will be on the use of strategies that contribute to effective communication. The course is intended to prepare students for the Grade 10 academic English course, which leads to university or college preparation courses in Grades 11 and 12. How This Course Supports the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations: The primary goal of Catholic education is to graduate young men and women who are discerning believers in the saving story of Christ and who become responsible citizens, based on the centrality of a tradition of church social teaching which gives primacy to the common good. This course will challenge students to examine gospel values in the context of the literature they read. The course invites students to be effective communicators who relate honestly and sensitively to literature and to each other. It encourages reflective, creative and holistic thinking and invites students to experience vicariously the choices of characters they read about and thereby become open-minded citizens who examine their own life options; it develops self- directed, responsible, life-long learners. How this Course Supports the competencies of Choices Into Action : The English curriculum is based on the belief that language learning is critical to responsible and productive citizenship, and that all students can become successful learners. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills that they need to achieve this goal. It aims to help students become successful learners. The study of English at the secondary level supports the students’ exploration of subject-related careers as well as providing the opportunity to effectively use written and oral communication skills that are valuable in all employment areas.
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