Glossary of Poetic Devices

Glossary of Poetic Devices - Poetry has emotion, imagery,...

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Poetry has emotion, imagery, significance, beauty, dignity, rhythm, sometimes rhyme, a different arrangement which can include inversion, and concreteness in its images. One way to attain the qualities so essential to making words poetic is through the use of poetry devices. We won't begin to cover all the known poetic devices or terms. Rather we'll discuss and use some of the more commonly known and used ones. Below are the more commonly used poetic devices and terms. Hopefully, with the examples given, everyone can better understand some of the ways to make poetry, well, more poetic. The examples used are my own poetry and are copyrighted in my name. alliteration : the repetition of a beginning sound. Rain reigns roughly through the day. Raging anger from the sky Partners prattle of tormented tears From clouds wondering why Lightning tears their souls apart. In the first two lines, the r sound is repeated. In the third line p starts two adjoining words. allusion : a casual reference to someone or something in history or literature that creates a mental picture. A Common Woman No Helen of Troy she, Taking the world by war, But a woman in plain paper wrapped With a heart of love untapped, She waits, yearning for her destiny Whether it be a he on a charger white Or one riding behind a garbage truck. Perhaps instead a room of students Lurks in the shadows of her life Needing her interest to be shown. Yet other concerns may call No, no Helen of Troy she, But a woman set the world to tame Wherever she may be. Helen of Troy brings to mind a woman so beautiful that two countries went to war over her.
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analogy : the comparison of two things by explaining one to show how it is similar to the other. Day's Journey
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Glossary of Poetic Devices - Poetry has emotion, imagery,...

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