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Grade HW2 Oct6 - Comprehension Main Idea and Summary Main...

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Unformatted text preview: Comprehension Main Idea and Summary Main Idea and Summary Independent Practice Read the passage and answer the following questions. Thomas Edison was an American inventor who lived from 1847 to 1931. During his life, Edison made over 1,000 inventions. His most important inventions were the electric light bulb and the phonograph. When Edison was a boy of twelve, he worked as a newsboy on the Grand Trunk Railway which ran between the United States and Canada. While there, he printed and distributed the first newspaper to be printed on a train. In 1876, Edison set up a laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. He sold a telegraph machine which was one of his first inventions. This money helped Edison spend time experimenting and inventing. 10.What is the main idea of this 11.Which sentence tells what this story passage? is mostly about? A Thomas Edison printed a A Edison made many important newspaper on a train. inventions in his lifetime. B Edison set up a laboratory in B Edison liked to experiment. M91110 Park, New Jersey. C Edison Worked from the time he C Thomas Edison was an was twelve until his death. American inventor. D Edison made and sold the first D Edison invented the telegraph. t913?:{1‘511’1‘1 machine. 12. Look at the diagram of the information from the article. Electric Light Bulb Phonograph Telegraph Machine Which idea belongs in the empty box? A Important Inventions B Edison’s First Inventions C Inventions of Thomas Edison D Ways to Communicate 43 .2003 GF Educators, Inc. Fifth Reading ...
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