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Haiku Poems Haiku Poems are a Japanese style of poetry which rely on the number of syllables and the descriptive power of words Haiku poems are structured like this : Line 1  - 5 Syllables describing the object  “Slow dancing raindrops” Line 2-   7 Syllables describing an action or more about the object or idea “Rolling down the window sill” Line 3-   5 Syllables as a concluding thought for the poem “Calming, nourishing.” Examples of Haiku Poems: My Haiku is mine. You should do your own thinking. Take not these from me In the garden pool  dark and still, a stepping stone
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Unformatted text preview: releases the moon. Clouds sit still above. Mountains stir a placid sea. Nature's beauty glows Try using this format to write a haiku: Adjective adjective noun verb Adjective noun verb and Verb the adjective adjective noun. Choose 4 of the following and write a haiku about each. Remember to keep them appropriate: A Season (summer, winter etc.) Love English Class favourite movie favourite sport favourite band Mrs. Lehmann (favourite teacher) Your Pet or an animal Character from your novel study Your own choice of topic...
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