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How to Write a News Article - HOW TO WRITE NEWS REPORTS...

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HOW TO WRITE NEWS REPORTS What is a news report? A news report is about a particular topic which interests the public. It appears in newspapers or magazines and it is written in an impersonal formal style, aiming to catch the reader’s attention. A news report gives accurate facts only. The writer’s feelings or point of view should not be mentioned. Organization of a news report A news report should always have an eye-catching short headline which introduces the topic. It should also be divided into well-structured paragraphs, that is: a) an introduction where details about the time, place and people involved in the incident are given; b) a main body consisting of two or more paragraphs where the event is developed in detail, giving information about the reason it happened and its result; c) an ending where comments or actions to be taken are briefly mentioned. Passive Voice and Direct/ Reported Speech can be used to make the news report more interesting. Introduction Paragraph 1 Summary of the event (time, place, people involved) Main Body Paragraph 2 – 4 Development of the event in detail, causes, consequences Conclusion Final Paragraph People’s comments/ action taken Exercises 1. Read the following paragraphs and put them in the correct order. A Bruce immediately contacted the local police station to report the incident. It appears they were not the only witnesses. “We received over forty calls between 7:30 pm and 8:45 pm from people claiming to have seen a UFO,” admitted police sergeant J.F. Stable. B The two men were walking their dogs when suddenly the whole sky was lit up by a bright light and a whizzing sound was heard. Seconds later a round silver object appeared in the sky. The object floated above them for about fifteen minutes and then disappeared.
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C Experts are examining the Yorkshire moors for ay clues in an attempt to explain the sightings. As a result of the incident. Hundreds of UFO fanatics came to the moors on Saturday evening to watch the sky and
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How to Write a News Article - HOW TO WRITE NEWS REPORTS...

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