Moving Day eStory

Moving Day eStory - "Why asked the little boy"Because I...

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"Why?" asked the little boy. "Because I have to give them a chance." "But they don't love you because you are sick, different." "I know," said Moonface. "But one day they wilL One day they will come to understand. And they won't be frightened anymore. And I also believe we will find a cure." And his friend looked at him and smiled and said, "Ah, my little earthling, you do have faith in the human race. I'm glad you are the one I met." And all of a sudden the ramp started to float up to the sky, and slowly descended to the ship. And just before it disappeared, Moonface shouted out, "Stop!" And the ramp stopped. Moonface ran closer to the ship. The lights powdering his face with a blue tint. "What is your name?" he shouted. "Wenever exchanged names." "Where I am from they call me Moonface," said his friend. "That's my name too!" screamed Moonface with laughter. "I know," said the little boy. And the ramp continued down into the ship and the door closed. With a sudden spark the ship just shot up into the sky like a million candles rolled into one. Moonface stood there for the longest while just looking up into the starry darkness. And with a smile on his face he calmly turned and went back to his home. I SUPPOSE IT SHOULDN'T have come as such a shock to me really.I mean, all I heard at the University for the whole year was centralization, resettlement, relocation-the professors had a real field day, especially the ones in the SociologyDepartment. And the newspapers, too, it was a godsend for them. As for the politicians-welL In fact the only people who haven't had too much to say about it are the ones who are really involved in the thing. But anyway, as I said, I shouldn't have been so surprised when I heard that everybody from Grassy Island was going to move to Carlisle. It was Karen who brought it up. "But why didn't Mom and Dad tell me?" I was talking to myself although Karen was sitting right next to me on the train. "They probably wanted to surprise you with the good news when you got home." Karen is from Carlisle herself and of course she thinks there's no place like it. "I can think of more pleasant surprises," I told her, and then I changed the subject. Somehow I didn't want to discuss it with Karen. When I got home, though, I lost no time in bringing up the matter, I can tell you. They were all on the wharf to meet the boat, all except Mom and Nan, that is. It took the two of them to look after the big WelcomeHome Dinner. I couldn't get a word in edgeways going up I he hill, what with Cavell and Charlie asking a thousand questions. I),ld didn't say much. He never does.
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Moving Day eStory - "Why asked the little boy"Because I...

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