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Sample News Story A Double Dinosaur Discovery Last December, two research teams working 2,000 miles apart in Antarctica made amazing discoveries. Each unearthed the fossilized remains of what is believed to be a new species of dinosaur. One is an herbivore, or plant eater, and the other is a carnivore, or meat eater. Working separately, the teams led by scientists James Martin and William Hammer found the fossils. “There we were, in the middle of Antarctica, talking to Bill about his find 2,000 miles away,” Martin told TFK. FROZEN IN TIME Near Beardmore Glacier, Hammer’s team found the bones of what they think is a plant-eating sauropod that lived 200 million years ago during the Jurassic Period. On the island off the Antarctica Peninsula, Martin and his team found the bones of a type of theropod, a group that includes the tyrannosaur. Each discovery will give scientists a new glimpse into the age of the dinosaurs. Any fossil find in Antarctica is rare, because bones and other remains are frozen and buried
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