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Setting The time and location in which a story takes place is called the setting . For some stories the setting is very important, while for others it is not. There are several parts of a story's setting to consider when looking at how setting adds to a story (some, or all, may be present in a story): a) Place - geographical location. Where is the action of the story taking place? b) Time - When is the story taking place? (historical period, time of day, year, etc) c) Weather Conditions - Is it rainy, sunny, stormy, etc? d) Social Conditions - What is the daily life of the character's like? Does the story contain local colour (writing that focuses on the speech, dress, mannerisms, customs, etc. of a particular place)? e) Mood or Atmosphere - What feeling is created at the beginning of the story? Is it bright and cheerful or dark and frightening?
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Time and Place On a rainy November morning in 1776, a soldier trod a solitary path along a road in western Virginia. His gait was slow, and his face—barely visible beneath untold layers of grime—
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Setting - Handout - Setting The t ime and location i n...

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