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Dear Swisher’s Scholarly Student, The following pages of this notebook are various techniques, strategies, and study systems that I hope you will use to facilitate your learning not only this school year, but also all the other school years to come. Feel free to keep a copy of this information at home as well as in your Language Arts/ Reading notebook. Remember, you can access this information from home using the following website:'TeacherPage'&StaffID='54313' Mrs. Anitra L. Swisher 1
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What did I just read? Researching and even studying leads to quite a bit of reading. Often times the selections we read aren’t always those that are particularly interesting to us. Due to the lack of genuine interest in the text, our attention spans tend to shorten resulting in a large lack of retained information. The following are strategies you can use to help facilitate your reading, analyzing, and interpretation of written text. PLORE P-Predict what the passage or selection will be about L- Locate any italicized, highlighted, or bold words. Highlight the sentence before and the sentence after the word(s). O- Organize - Count or highlight the numbers of the paragraphs. R- Read, Reread, and Remember - After you’ve read each paragraph, create a sentence summary containing the main idea of the paragraph you read. E- Evaluate and Eliminate - If there are questions that follow the reading, look at each answer choice and deduce whether it is a logical or illogical choice. Beside each answer choice, write a brief description telling either why you chose the answer or eliminated it. SQ3R Survey- Read questions and summary at end of the chapter. Skim-read divisions of material, which usually are in boldface type. Read captions under pictures and graphs. Question-
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Studentresourceguide - Dear Swishers Scholarly Student The...

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