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THEME WORKSHEET While there are as many themes in  literature as there are BIG Ideas, some common themes are:  friendship love cooperation courage/bravery loyalty family determination anger loneliness teamwork/working together fairness/unfairness self-respect self-control racism/sexism power of words strength of the human spirit prejudice inpredictability achieving your full  potential keeping traditions alive importance of imagination being different conformity taking a stand Your Turn A good place to look for themes is the actions of the main character. See if you can complete the Theme Worksheet. Based on __________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: and _____________________________________________, I infer that one theme in ____________________________ is ____________________________________. DEFINITION: Themes are BIG Ideas, like friendship, love and courage. Themes are NOT the events, or actions in the story; however, you can infer the theme from the actions. EXAMPLE: When a friend stands up to a bully for another friend in a story, we can infer from their actions that two themes in the story are friendship and courage. (an important action by the main character) (a related action by the main character) (title of the story) (theme)...
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