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Freddie Mercury ENG1DI-01 Mr. K. Coates April 18, 2011 The main role of Twelfth Night: Comedy A comedy is a genre that should be able to create humorous situations and elements, which leave an audience in chortling over these amusing events. Twelfth Night , created from the witty mind of William Shakespeare, plays with mentality to expand one’s comprehension, to create remarkable humour. Shakespeare created characters such as Sir Andrew; a knight with too much empty space in his head, and Maria; a well-trusted woman, in order to accomplish his goal of comedy. At the same time, a juggling and joking jester is thrown into the storyline which causes commotion with characters and witty jokes for the audience. In Twelfth Night, Shakespeare plays out the genre of comedy through clever wordplay and humorous jokes from his characters Sir Andrew, Maria, and Feste. When Sir Andrew Aguecheek is introduced to the story, Shakespeare takes no time to create a mood of humour. He begins with Sir Andrew’s last name “ Ague cheek”; ague meaning a malarial fever. When Sir Andrew first encounters with Maria, he is mistaken and confused with the word “accost”, which Sir Toby is telling him. Sir Andrew goes on to confuse the word with Mary’s name, “Mistress Mary Accost” (I.iii.42-56), and finally guessing from Mary’s reaction, realizes he’s made a mistake. There is no reason to
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Thesis Essay Example - Freddie Mercury ENG1DI-01 Mr K...

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