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Whirligig Final Assignment ALEHMANN 2010

Whirligig Final Assignment ALEHMANN 2010 - WHIRLIGIG...

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WHIRLIGIG SUMMATIVE ASSIGNMENT You can select your final Whirligig summative assignment to reflect your skills and interests. Choose one of the below assignments. Each assignment must be polished and thoroughly proofread. You will receive the equivalent of 2 work periods in class for this summative if they are used productively. Otherwise, all work will be done on your own time. Please come with all your materials prepared to work on Tuesday June 1 st (We are in rm. 227 that day) and Thursday June 3 rd (in our regular classroom) . Letter Writing Brent constructs and deploys 4 whirligigs at the corners of the United States. Each whirligig has an impact on the characters who encounter them. Choose three of these characters and write a letter from each of these characters to an imagined person. You may be creative with your letters, but you must include the following: Assume the persona of each character (i.e. use “I”) Be as true to the character as possible; Include a description of each whirligig and its location; Describe the impact the whirligig has had on you.
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