The Exponent Laws

The Exponent Laws - Example: ( 29 ( 29 5 2 3 y y y = The...

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The Exponent Laws Exponents have the basic format of: Base Exponent We are going to look at two exponent laws: 1. Multiplication Law 2. Division Law Rule #1 – Multiplication Law The Multiplication Law states that when multiplying two powers with the same base , we ADD the exponents.
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Unformatted text preview: Example: ( 29 ( 29 5 2 3 y y y = The five comes from the addition of three and two…(3+2)=5 WHY? Rule #2 – Division Law The Division Law states that when dividing powers with the same base , we SUBTRACT the exponents. 1 3 4 y y y = Why does this work?...
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