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Electricity 2010 Dec

Electricity 2010 Dec - Electricity Unit Test Outline 10.1...

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Electricity Unit Test Outline SNC 1DI 10.1 Page 396 - 398 Electrically charged particles (+,-, neutral) Static electricity Friction and the movement of electrons Triboelectric Series – how to use it DO NOT MEMORIZE IT Electron affinity Page 399 -401 Laws of attraction and repulsion Electrical insulators and conductors 10.2 The Transfer of Electric charges Page 404 - 407 Electroscope Electrostatics Charging by contact Page 409 - 410 Electric discharge Lightning o Streamers, sprites, stepped leaders, lightning bolts – see your notes for this 10.3 Electrostatics in our Lives Page 416 -420 Lightning storm awareness Lightning rods Removing static charges – explain how each of these works o Grounding o Removing charge at a point – eg static wicks on planes o Water, radioactivity Reducing Static charge at home Page 434 - 436 What is current electricity? Circuit – 4 parts
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