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Periodic Table Summative Assessment

Periodic Table Summative Assessment - The Periodic Table...

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The Periodic Table Summative Assessment The goal of this activity is to provide you with an opportunity to understand the organization of the elements on the periodic table. It has been stated that the periodic table is “the most important piece of paper in science”. When the assignment is completed it will include: o A full periodic table with a legend. o A partial periodic table with Bohr/Rutherford diagrams of the first twenty elements. o Complete sentence answers to the assigned questions. o The achievement chart. The full periodic table will include: o The elemental symbols including the mass number and atomic number for the first twenty elements and silver, gold, mercury, nickel, copper, zinc, iron, uranium, plutonium, tin, iodine, arsenic, krypton, radon, tungsten, and lead. o The groups – halogens, alkali metals, noble gases, and alkaline earth metals – clearly indicated. o The metals, nonmetals, and metalloids clearly indicated. The assigned questions are: o 1. a) Draw Bohr/Rutherford diagrams for the first twenty elements in the partial periodic table provided. b) Describe any group patterns, with respect to the electrons, that you observe when looking at the B/R diagrams in group 1, group 13, and group 18.
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