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SCI 1D_PHY_Ohm Law Lab Rubric - writing Extensive command...

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Lab Report: Name: Date: Inquiry Communication Application # Parts of Report I or C I/R Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 1 Purpose/Problem C Limited clarity and precision Moderate clarity and precision Considerable clarity and precision High degree of clarity and precision 2 Hypothesis I Attempted Not stated in the proper format Stated in the proper format Clearly stated in the proper format 5 Materials C Materials are listed incorrectly Some materials listed correctly Most materials listed correctly All materials listed correctly 7 Procedure C Limited command of procedural writing Moderate command of procedural writing Considerable command of procedural
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Unformatted text preview: writing Extensive command of procedural writing 9 Observations - tables C Incomplete Data table completed Data table is neat and organized Data is neatly organized into a table with proper SI units 14 Analysis – written I Shows limited understanding Shows some understanding Shows considerable understanding Shows thorough understanding 15 Conclusion C Conclusion attempted Conclusion given, but not related to the problem or hypothesis Conclusion given and related to the problem or hypothesis Conclusion given and correctly related to the problem or hypothesis...
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