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SCIENCE SAFETY ST. DAVID CATHOLIC SECONDARY SCHOOL 1. Know where safety equipment is located ( e.g. fire extinguisher, eyewash station ) 2. Wear appropriate eye protection as instructed. 3. Maintain an uncluttered work area. 4. Stand for experimental work. 5. Stay at your designated lab station. 6. All injuries must be reported to the teacher immediately. 7. Use equipment as directed by the teacher. 8. Never eat or drink in the lab. 9. Long hair must be tied back during experiments. 10. Students must pay replacement costs for all equipment broken as a result of negligence.
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Never leave any source of flame or heat unattended. 12. Allow heated equipment to cool before touching. 13. Spills or burns should be flushed immediately with cold water. 14. All equipment must be cleaned and returned. 15. Wash your hands after your work area has been cleaned up. 16. All chemicals, broken glassware, and used specimens will be disposed of as directed. 17. Open-toed shoes are not permitted to be worn inside the science labs....
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