Sem 2 Parental Reminder Feb 2011

Sem 2 Parental Reminder Feb 2011 - Policy and Procedure...

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February 2011 Please review the following rules, procedures, and expectations with your St. David student to help ensure a smooth and successful semester. Attendance The regular school day begins at 8:20 a.m. with period 1 commencing at 8:25 a.m. Classes end at 2:26 p.m. Parents should notify the school of all absences by either sending a signed note with their child on the day they return to class or call the 24hr attendance line at 519-885-4352. Students who are absent for any part of the school day, must request an admit slip from the Attendance Office the following day. Students must show the admit slip to all teachers whose classes were missed. If a student is late for a class, they are to report directly to class and the teacher will mark the student late. At no time may parents give students permission to be on school property and not in their assigned class. CAAP (Celtic Attendance Accountability Program) All students who have been absent for any class that has not been verified by either a parent note or phone call will be given an admit slip will with a neon CAAP sticker on in indicating that they have been assigned a lunch detention for each invalid absence. Failure to either validate the absence(s) in question or attend assigned detentions will result in further progressive discipline measures. Uniform
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Sem 2 Parental Reminder Feb 2011 - Policy and Procedure...

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