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Atoms, Elements and Compounds Test #2 Check off each requirement as you complete your review. When you have completed your studying for this test you should be able to: a) explain how different atomic models evolved as a result of experimental evidence b) describe the characteristics of neutrons, protons, and electrons, including their charge, location in the atom and relative mass c) describe the patterns in the arrangements of electrons in the first 20 elements of the periodic table using the Bohr Rutherford model of the atom d) explain the relationship between the atomic structure of an element’s atom and the position of that element on the periodic table e) use appropriate terminology related to elements and compounds such as boiling point, melting point, particle theory, pure substances, chemical properties, … f) compare and contrast the physical properties of the elements within a group and between groups of the periodic table g) identify and use the symbols for common elements and the formulae for common compounds
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