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Chemistry Unit Test Expectations Expectations to be covered on the Chemistry Unit Test on Wednesday February 16 th . 1. C3.4 – Describe the characteristic physical and chemical properties of common elements and compounds. 2. C2.1 – Use appropriate terminology related to atoms, elements, and compounds. 3. C3.3 – Distinguish between elements and compounds (including mixtures) 4. C3.5 – Describe patterns in arrangements of electrons in the first 20 elements of the
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Unformatted text preview: periodic table using Bohr/Rutherford model. 5. C3.9 – Identify and use the symbols for common elements and the formulae for common compounds. 6. C2.5 – Construct molecular models to represent simple molecules. 7. C3.1 – Explain how different atomic models evolved as a result of experimental evidence. 8. C1.2 – Assess social, economic, and environmental impacts of the use of common elements or compounds....
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