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NetLab Assignment #1: MS Excel 2007 Time Estimate The amount of time to complete this exercise will vary depending on how well you retained the information from the Netlab in-class lectures and self-paced tutorials. Some students will be able to complete this exercise in 1-1.5 hours while others may need as much as 3-4 hours. Therefore, make sure you plan your time accordingly. Objective The purpose of this exercise is to gain familiarity with some common features of MS Excel 2007 in a real world data analysis scenario. At the end of the exercise, you should be able to: 1. Be comfortable with the RIBBON and basic Excel commands, formulas, and formatting. 2. Create a Pivot Table and understand why a pivot table might be helpful in the decision making process. 3. Be familiar with conditional formatting, named ranges, anchoring cell formulas and other common, yet powerful, features of Excel. 4. Use the excel web query utility to import data into a worksheet such that it can be analyzed and integrated into the workbook. Things to think about while doing the exercise: 1. People often do not think of MS Excel as "IT" or "IS development." However, Excel is very frequently used in the decision making process in many firms (especially small firms) despite firms investing millions of dollars on custom decision support and other functional area information systems designed to aid in the decision making process. 2. Can you see the tangible benefits of certain features (such as conditional formatting) to help managers or analysts quickly see the "big picture" of a set of data? 3. Excel is a very powerful tool yet it is often overused in businesses today. Think about what tasks Excel is good for and what tasks Excel might not be good for. 4. Always think about how you can perform an operation in Excel (or any tool for that matter) more efficiently. Is there a better function, a more efficient way of writing a given formula or a better utility to answer your question? Business Scenario You are tasked with building a decision support spreadsheet to help a variety of different managers within the organization analyze their businesses. Your boss wants to be able to see a Page 1 of 12
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NetLab Assignment #1: MS Excel 2007 snapshot of the business in a professionally designed excel workbook that she can share with her superiors and colleagues within the organization. Getting Started Download and save the “NetLab1_Starter_Spring_2011.xlsm” Excel 2007 macro-enabled file that is in the resources section of Laulima under “NetLab #1” to get started. This file must be named “ LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME.xlsm .” The file extension is “.xlsm” to indicate that this is a macro enabled workbook and not a traditional (.xlsx) Excel 2007 workbook. Enabling Macros
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NetLab1_Instructions - NetLab Assignment #1: MS Excel 2007...

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