Review ANTH1.forfinal - Review ANTH1 Physical Anthropology...

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Review ANTH1 – Physical Anthropology Note – this is the review I hand out each quarter. It does not include everything we covered it is only a broad brush review. - You are responsible for everything on the midterm (less than 25% will be on final – know your Punnett!!!) - Review and understand all homeworks - Define anthropology, and its four parts. - Also subspecialities of physical anthropology – forensics, medical anthro etc. - 4 broad topics of this class –on syllabus! Re-read syllabus –that is helpful - Remember the 3 rd molar study in class - Remember Dr. Buss’ study about male and female mate selection – what is hard wired? We choose differently why? - Scientific Method – explain it - History of the development of evolutionary thinking – the people Darwin borrowed from - Darwin, Lyell, Malthus, Wallace, Buffon, Lamark, Linnaeus, Cuvier, Thomsen, etc. - Review the Map Quizzes - Three Postulates of Natural Selection – - How the Grant’s Research tested these – see handout - Genetics – Mendel - His Pea studies - Cell terminology, Sexual reproduction, - Genetic terminology - Punnett squares - Modern Synthesis – evolution of allele freqs - Forces of evolution - Gene flow, genetic drift, mutations, founder effect, - Sickle cell anemia and malaria – modern synthesis in action – - ABO Blood Group system - Speciation – reproductive isolating mechanisms - Macromutations - Geologic history - Phylogeny - Primate taxonomy - Phenotypic traits of primates - Jane Goodall and chimpanzee study - Hominoids - Comparative primate behaviors – baboons, bonobos, chimpanzees - Social Life – benefits and costs - Sociobiology – Altruism, inclusive fitness, Hamilton’s rule - Female and male dominance hierarchies - Paleoanthropology - Osteology [book diagrams] - Fossil formation [book] - Dating techniques [see handout] - Primate evolution – from Proconsul (Omomyids) to Homo sapiens - - SEE CHART FOR ALL YOU SHOULD KNOW – FILL IT IN AND LEARN IT. -
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Review ANTH1.forfinal - Review ANTH1 Physical Anthropology...

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