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332K Exam 1 Study Guide SP 11 - Exam 1 Study Guide CMS 332K...

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- 1 - Exam 1 Study Guide CMS 332K When and where: Monday, February 14, our regular class time, our regular room. The exam begins at 10:00 and ends at 10:50. Please do not arrive late, or you will reduce your test-taking time. Bring: A pencil and your ID. Suggestions for preparing: This review sheet gives you an idea of important topics that may be covered. You are responsible for the readings as well as for what we did in class. You should not only be familiar with definitions of concepts and theory components, but also be able to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and how they are connected (through applications, examples, etc.). The exam will include a combination of true/false and multiple choice questions. 40 questions total, worth one point each. INTRODUCTION TO PERSUASION What does it mean to say that persuasion is a symbolic process in which communicators attempt to convince other people to change their attitudes or behaviors regarding an issue through the transmission of a message in an atmosphere of free choice ? (Understand the underlined components of this definition.) Who were the Sophists, and what did they do? How did Plato’s and Aristotle’s views on persuasion compare? What did Aristotle contribute to the science of persuasion? When did modern persuasion research become an area of social scientific inquiry? Define ethos, pathos, and logos. Be able to create or identify messages that attend to these
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332K Exam 1 Study Guide SP 11 - Exam 1 Study Guide CMS 332K...

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