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Individual Homework Solutions

Individual Homework Solutions - OM 335 Bagchi Individual...

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OM 335 Bagchi Name: SOLUTION Individual Homework-1 Consider the Kristen Cookie case. In class we saw a Gantt chart for order size of 1 dozen cookies. Suppose that everything stays the same except that your roommate is not available. Draw a Gantt chart (there are additional blank charts in the overhead packet). Remember that order size is 1 dozen cookies, there is only one oven, and you are the only available labor. What is the: (1) labor content, in minutes, of a customer order? 12 min. (6 min. for mixing, 2 min. for spooning, 1 min. for setting up the oven, 2 min. for packing, and 1 min. for accepting payment.) (2) bottleneck? Labor (You). (Because your roommate is not working, you will need 12 min. to process a customer order. Every other resource - the mixer, the oven - needs less time to process a customer order.) (3) system capacity (in dozens of cookies per hour)? 5 dz./hr. (System capacity is equal to the bottleneck capacity which in this case is labor capacity. Labor capacity is 60/12 = 5 dz./hr.) (4) cycle time?
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