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OM 335 Bagchi Name: SOLUTION Individual Homework-6 Office Automation, Inc., has developed a proposal for introducing a new computerized office system that will improve word processing and interoffice communication for a particular company. Contained in the proposal is a list of activities that must be accomplished in order to complete the new office system project. Information about the activities is shown below. Times are in weeks. Activity Description Predecessors Duration A Plan needs - 10 weeks B Order equipment A 8 C Install equipment
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Unformatted text preview: B 10 D Set up training lab A 7 E Conduct training course D 10 F Test system C, E 3 (a) Draw the network diagram for the project. (b) Develop an activity schedule for the project. Activity ES EF LS LF Slack FS A 10 10 B 10 18 10 18 C 18 28 18 28 D 10 17 11 18 1 E 17 27 18 28 1 1 F 28 31 28 31 (c) What are the critical activities, and what is the expected project completion time? Critical activities are: A, B, C, and F; expected project completion time is 31 weeks. A,10 B, D, C,1 E,1 F,...
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