GS-1 - OM 335 Bagchi Group Homework-1 Names: SOLUTION You...

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OM 335 Bagchi Names: SOLUTION Group Homework-1 You are the owner of Pure-Health Nutriceuticals (PHN), a brand new compounding pharmacy specializing in make-to-order Nutriceuticals (vitamins/minerals/phyto- nutrients) for the growing anti-aging market. This is a new idea in preventative health- care: a participating physician takes a client’s blood sample and sends it to your company for analysis. Based on the analysis, your firm produces custom made-to-order supplement pills for that particular client. These are very innovative supplements – instead of various vitamins/minerals/phyto-nutrients being produced in a chemistry lab somewhere, they are naturally created in a probiotic fermentation tank from fruits and vegetables. Depending on the specifics of their blood test, a given client’s custom pills are made from differing amounts of the “probiotic resin” that is output by the fermentation process. The layout of the process is shown below: An order enters the process as a blood sample. After establishing the amount of probiotic resin needed for that order at the “Blood Tester”, the sample is discarded. There is now an electronic order (with information on the required amount of probiotic
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GS-1 - OM 335 Bagchi Group Homework-1 Names: SOLUTION You...

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