SP 2011 Exam 1 - LAST NAME (please print): _; FIRST NAME:...

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1 LAST NAME (please print): __________________; FIRST NAME : ________________; OM 335 – Operations Management Spring 2011 Exam 1 Instructor: Bagchi The University of Texas at Austin February 23 (7:00-9:30 p.m.) Instructions : Please read now. Please: ● Fill in name s above. ● Do not start working on this exam till you are asked to do so. We must wait till everyone has the exam. But read on…. ● This is a closed -book, closed-notes, closed-laptop exam except that one 3”x5” self-prepared notes card is allowed during the exam. ● Check now to make sure your exam has nine pages, numbered 1-9. ● Place your answers in the space provided. Place each numerical answer inside a self-drawn box/circle so that it stands out. comes from. Legible handwriting is important and printed answers are encouraged. You may Show your work so that it is clear where your numerical answer use the back of a page for rough work. You will have about 145 minutes for this exam. Please apportion the time appropriately to the questions in the exam and be mindful of the time remaining. When the end of the exam is announced, please stop writing and turn in your exam. Question Points 1 24 2 10 3 16 Total 50 HONOR STATEMENT When taking this exam, I agree to abide by the HONOR CODE and the restriction on notes. I understand that some students are taking this exam later than others, and I agree to avoid discussing the exam until all parties in the discussion and within earshot have completed and turned in their exams. (Signature)_______________________________________
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2 Question 1. (24 points) Consider the Kristen’s Cookie Company (KCC) case when both you and your roommate are working. Suppose that the sequence of processing stages stays the same, but the duration of some of the process steps and labor assignment have changed. The required sequence of steps and their durations are as follows: Mixing 6 minutes of labor time for 1 dozen cookies; 8 minutes of labor time for 2 dozens of the same type of cookies;
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SP 2011 Exam 1 - LAST NAME (please print): _; FIRST NAME:...

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