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Daily Quiz Key BA 324 Business Communication/Barrett January 21, 2011 (Week 1) The threshold to earn one-half credit for any daily quiz is 2 or 3 correct item responses. The threshold to receive 1 weekly quiz point is 1 quiz credit earned for a week. Please answer using sentence(s), avoiding fragments and run-ons. Reading: Guffey, chapter 1 1. Contrast what skills workers are paid for in the Information Age and what skills they were paid for in the Industrial Age, according to Guffey. (p. 5) In the Information Age, businesses need workers who can perform mental labor to produce, understand, manipulate, organize, and apply information, while in the Industrial Age workers performed physical labor with raw materials and machinery to produce goods. 2. Guffey quotes corporate recruiting specialist Bennett Ockrim concerning the importance of communication skills for job candidates in technical fields. “Tech people
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Unformatted text preview: are becoming a dime a dozen, literally, so you need something more.” Explain what Ockrim’s statement reveals about how good his communication skills are. (p. 4) Using “literally” as an intensifier reveals either sloppy or incompetent use of language, because “dime a dozen” is clearly figurative and “literally” means the opposite. 3. Guffey says that many businesses are encouraging a corporate culture of ethical practice by establishing explicit codes, employing compliance officers, and providing training programs. Explain whether The University of Texas at Austin is encouraging undergraduate students to perform their academic work in an ethical manner. (p. 25) UT Austin has developed and emphasizes the Honor Code, which is available in many places, including Blackboard. Signature _______________________________________ Printed Name ____________________________________...
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