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Key Quiz 2011 1-24 Guffey ch 4

Key Quiz 2011 1-24 Guffey ch 4 - economical...

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Daily Quiz BA 324 Business Communication/Barrett January 24, 2011 (Week 2) The threshold to earn one-half credit for any daily quiz is 2 or 3 correct item responses. The threshold to receive 1 weekly quiz point is 1 quiz credit earned for a week. Please answer using sentence(s), avoiding fragments and run-ons. Reading: Guffey, chapter 4 1. Contrast A key provision of the Copywrite Act of 1976 is the fair use provision that allows individuals limited use of copyrighted materials without permission from the creators. Name two uses allowed under this provision. (p. 130) Six uses are covered under fair use: criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. 2. Explain one way in which business writing is different than writing for high school or college compositions and term papers. (p. 112) Because the focus is to provide information rather than reveal feelings or display knowledge, business writing has four goals: to be purposeful, persuasive,
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Unformatted text preview: economical, audience-oriented. Business writers need not search their imagination for creative topic ideas nor stretch out discussions. Their task is to be concise and clear, seeking the you-view and audience-benefits perspectives. 3. Summarize the steps in Guffey’s 3x3 writing process. (p. 113) In linear fashion, the steps move from prewriting to writing to revising, with three tasks associated with each step. The prewriting tasks are to analyze context, anticipate audience, and adapt by using the you view. The writing tasks are to research formally or informally, organize with direct or indirect plans, and compose lexically and visually appropriate text. The revision tasks are to revise for readability, proofread for correctness, and evaluate for impact. Signature _______________________________________ Printed Name ____________________________________...
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