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Daily Quiz BA 324 Business Communication/Barrett January 26, 2011 (Week 2) The threshold to earn one-half credit for any daily quiz is 2 or 3 correct item responses. The threshold to receive 1 weekly quiz point is 1 quiz credit earned for a week. Please answer using sentence(s), avoiding fragments and run-ons. Reading: Guffey, chapter 5 1. Writing, the second stage in the 3x3 writing process, includes three tasks: researching, organizing, and composing. Choose one task and describe what a writer does during that stage of the writing process. (pp. 139-143) Writers gather information through formal or informal research methods, brainstorming, or through primary sources in the workplace. (pp. 143-147) Writers organize the information using lists or outlines, choosing the direct or indirect pattern depending on expected audience attitude. (pp. 147-155) Writers compose first draft with free or deliberate writing, using techniques for effective sentences and powerful paragraphs.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Choose one of the three common sentence faults and explain what it is. (p. 149) Fragments occur when a phrase or dependent clause is punctuated as if it were a sentence. Run-ons occur when two or more independent clauses are placed in the same sentence without being properly joined with punctuation or a coordinating conjunction. Comma splices occur when independent clauses are joined by only a comma. 3. Guffey mentions three plans for developing paragraphs: direct, pivoting, and indirect. If your purpose is to compare and contrast two possible plans to follow, which development plan should you probably choose? Why? (p. 153) A pivoting paragraph starts with sentences about contrasting ideas before the topic sentence and supporting sentences follow, so that plan best supports comparing and contrasting. Signature _______________________________________ Printed Name ____________________________________...
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