Key Quiz 2011 1-28 Guffey ch 6

Key Quiz 2011 1-28 Guffey ch 6 - copy read it after a time...

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Daily Quiz BA 324 Business Communication/Barrett January 28, 2011 (Week 2) The threshold to earn one-half credit for any daily quiz is 2 or 3 correct item responses. The threshold to receive 1 weekly quiz point is 1 quiz credit earned for a week. Please answer using sentence(s), avoiding fragments and run-ons. Reading: Guffey, chapter 6 1. Revising, the third stage in the 3x3 writing process, includes three tasks: revising, proofreading, and evaluating. Choose one task and describe what a writer does during that stage of the writing process. (p. 164) When revising, look to make writing concise, clear, and readable. Concise: eliminate flabby expressions, limit long lead-ins, eliminate redundancies. Clear: active voice, trite phrases, clichés and slang, buried verbs. Readability: white space, typeface, font, capitalization, lists, headings. (p. 173) When proofreading, look for problems with spelling, grammar, punctuation, accuracy (especially names and numbers), and format. Use a printed
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Unformatted text preview: copy, read it after a time away from it, and look at words rather than ideas. (p. 178) When evaluating, seek all the feedback you can find, especially from peers and experts such as consultants or instructor. 2. Find the buried verbs in the italicized sentence and free them from their tombs by revising the sentence for clarity: The Yankees entered into contract discussions with Cliff Lee with the expectation that his response would be affirmative and immediate. (p. 169) The Yankees discussed a contract with Cliff Lee, expecting him to accept terms immediately. 3. Describe one grammatical problem a writer should look for during proofreading. (p. 173) Two principal grammatical problems are subject-verb number agreement and noun-pronoun number and case agreement. A computer’s grammar checker can help, but it’s hardly infallible, so it should be used with caution. Signature _______________________________________ Printed Name ____________________________________...
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