Acting I Fall Semester 2010

Acting I Fall Semester 2010 - Acting I Theater Course 1231,...

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Acting I Theater Course 1231, Section 003 Temple University Spring Semester 2010 Class Days: Monday/Wednesday Professor: Melanie Julian Class Time: 1:00-2:50 p.m. Office #: TT 101A Room: BB 303 Cell Phone: 530.220.4458 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Tuesday 12:30-1:30, or by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of acting and is restricted to theater majors only. Class work includes exercises for relaxation, concentration, listening, observation, sensitivity to internal and external stimuli, and connection with an acting partner. Using Uta Hagen’s work as a focal point, the student develops a self-awareness that will help to create a more defined moment-to-moment reality on the stage. The course culminates with the preparation, rehearsal, and presentation of one monologue and one scene from contemporary drama. In the monologue and scene work the student will begin to make a transformation into character and will learn how to analyze a script, employing given circumstances, relationship, objectives, obstacles and actions. COURSE GOALS: To gain a better awareness of one’s own habits and traits To evolve the ability to express one’s self in a way that reflects necessary character traits To recognize beats in a script To uncover objectives and actions To decipher a script’s given circumstances To utilize one’s imagination in creating a character To listen and respond in the moment To connect to internal and external stimuli To acquire a more attuned skill of observation To develop a sense of cooperation and give-and-take on the stage To understand stage directions and positions of power on the stage To strive for specificity and clarity in acting choices To learn acting and stage terminology To become more discerning audience members To allow for vulnerability when acting To give yourself the permission to explore and play 1
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REQUIRED MATERIALS Text: Uta Hagen, Respect for Acting You will also be required to obtain the plays from which your scenes/monologues are selected. Make sure to give yourself time to find any plays that may not be currently
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Acting I Fall Semester 2010 - Acting I Theater Course 1231,...

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