Fact Check-3 - Texting is a trend that has quickly...

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Texting is a trend that has quickly developed to a popular form of convenient communication among youth culture. It is gradually eliminating the use of verbal communication because teenagers prefer to text people rather than to just simply call people. Texting involves communication through cell phones using short text messages. Texts can be sent to other cell phone users with a limit of 160 characters in length. This trend started less than twenty years ago and has already managed to attract 2.4 billion users worldwide (Tomita 186). Text messaging started with Groupe Speciale Mobile (GSM) wireless standard: “SMS was deployed with the first GSM networks and the first text messages were sent in the early 1990s,” (Grinter and Eldridge 2). This trend is extremely pervasive among adolescents especially: “Roughly 90% of teenagers exchange SMS with their peers, with average message length at 71 characters,” (Tomita 186). This form of communication has become an obsession among teens: “Spurred by the unlimited texting plans offered by major wireless companies, teens are now sending an average of 2,272 texts each month on their phones—about 80 messages a day, according to research from the Nielson Company, (Texting 10). Although this is popular among all teens, gender does seem to make a difference in the amount of texts that people send. Girls are proved to text more often than boys: “There is gendered use of the cell phone: girls hold this as important in their lives as well as send more SMS than boys,” (Nurullah 20). Girls not only text more than boys, but they use texting differently than boys as well: “Therefore, while girls use it primarily as a tool for communication and maintenance of peer groups and contacts, and social aspects (such as design, ring tone, and color), boys use it more for its own sake, solitarily, exploring its features, and as a toy,” (Nurullah 20). Participants of texting are identified by their cell phone number or their names. There is a
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contact list in cell phones that enable you to save someone’s numbers by their name. One would have to purchase a cell phone in order to be included in the texting world. Although many people have texting on their cell phones, the belief system is that texting and the use of cell phones is primarily occupied by teenagers: “Although the cell phone has impacted people of all ages, studies have shown that adolescents have been the most avid user group in all countries,” (Nurullah 19). The reason for this belief system is that teenagers use the cell phone and texting to
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Fact Check-3 - Texting is a trend that has quickly...

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