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Fact Check A major aspect of adolescent culture is being able to rebel against authority and defy gravity. Extreme sports are common outlets for the rebellious and anxious energy in most teenagers. Some may believe it is the society and its expectations along with unhealthy relationships and healthy outlets for energy that provoke teenagers to partake in dangerous sports. Others believe it has nothing to do with the environment but rather the biological make up of certain people that makes them take the risk they do. Whether it is the chemicals inbred in a person’s biology or the environment and society that causes teens to turn to extreme sports one thing is certain the phenomenon is popular. An extreme sport is a term coined by the media. It describes any sport that involves potential danger. Some examples that our group will be focusing on are Parkour, BMX, and Sky diving. All three of these sports are dangerous and known for their thrill of an adrenaline rush. According to William Cockerham, the author of Society of Risk , people who engage in extreme sports are a special kind of a person. He notes that the majority of people who partake in these extreme sports range from the adolescent age to about thirty. He goes on to say, “Extreme sports are therefore a young person’s game, with physical capabilities peaking between the ages of 16 and 24 years” (111). Some believe the activity is too dangerous and getting out of hand. David Allen Wolfe, the author of Adolescent Risk Behaviors , believes with the proper prevention kids will not be motivated to participate in risky activities. Wolfe believes with the proper social skills with the help of comprehensive programs kids will have the skills needed to stay away from risky behavior, and maybe not feel the need to rebel (176).
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fact checkExtremeSports - Fact Check A major aspect of...

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