MidtermConclusions - When our group convened to discuss the...

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When our group convened to discuss the experiences that shaped our gender identity, we concluded that we all were able to get to the point that Marcia describes as 'Achieved Identity', although we all walked different paths. Though each member of the group secured their uncertainty in a different way, a reoccurring theme was found in all our narratives: the crises that we each struggled through, whether big or small, were the result of societal expectations. As we dove further into the stories, we were able to comprehend how the identity achievement for the girls differed from that of the boys in the group. The girls in the group all described their crisis as a stage or period of time but did not recall specific instances that may have had a significant affect on gender identity, whereas Rikky and I both described a specific moment or number of moments where we believed our gender crisis developed from, because these situations challenged our masculinity. Gender, or sexual orientation in my case, has a significant impact on the other fractions of identity that compile to form a person's full identity. For example, I was concerned that my sexual identity would conflict with the less than liberal views of my family. I was afraid that being homosexual would manipulate the relationship I had with my parents, therefore manipulating my role as a son. Another example that would display identity overlap is sexual orientation and religious beliefs. If someone believes themselves to be highly religious, but is a homosexual, they may
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MidtermConclusions - When our group convened to discuss the...

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