MidtermConclusions(race) - When I began to read about the...

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When I began to read about the encounters my group mates all had with race at a young age; I started to form some of the first connections between race and each individual. One similarity is most of these racial encounters took place in a school setting, and all were among peers (or family). In all but C’s case these confrontations didn’t take place before grade school, and were the basis of self analysis in each individual. One interesting fact discovered after much discussion, was (with the exception of T) all of the group members attended multiracial schools where there was a dominant race, but still a fair amount of minority representation that always stood out. T in grade school attended an all black school but in high school, was placed in Track 1, where the majority of his classmates where white. Most individuals from the group also reported that during this moratorium phase, they put forth the most effort to blend in with a certain group to gain a sense of identity. Both J and T reported that they did not alienate themselves from certain racial groups of the student body and Tyree instead tried to create new friendships with unlikely people. After watching “Psychology experiment on adolescent conformity” in class Thursday, it came to my realization that T in particular was more confident in himself than anyone else (in the group) in this time of ambiguity and overall awkwardness (puberty). It is safe to say that he was genuinely safe to be his
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MidtermConclusions(race) - When I began to read about the...

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