midtermGender_Family - I grew up in a very stable...

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I grew up in a very stable, tight-knit family composed of myself, my three years older sister, my mom, and my dad. My dad was fairly outnumbered in our house full of women and because of this, there was never really any discrepancy in rules between my sister and me. My parents were always strict and, growing up, my sister and I were pretty limited in what we could do. Yet even though the rules were balanced between me and my sister, the rules were often created because we are girls. Growing up, I cannot even remember how many times I heard things like, “it’s not safe for you to do that because you’re a girl all by herself.” Things such as driving late at night and going to parties were not allowed because it wasn’t safe. Yet if we were accompanied by trusted males, permission was readily granted. I remember distinctly one time when I was seventeen that I wanted to take a trip with my girlfriends to the shore for a weekend during the summer. My parents wouldn’t allow me to go, saying it was too dangerous for a group of young girls to spend a weekend at a family member’s shore house. Yet, in that same summer I was allowed to vacation in Wildwood for a
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midtermGender_Family - I grew up in a very stable...

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