MidtermRace-1 - The Suspicious New Faces Growing up in the...

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The Suspicious New Faces Growing up in the suburbs has proven to be a challenging thing for many teens across America to cope with but it especially proved challenging to me being a young, African American male trying to figure out where I fit in amongst a predominately white environment. Eric Erikson talks a lot about how adolescents need to find out where they fit in and what role they play in their society. I’m not saying that race was always an issue growing up because in my neighborhood and at my first school, everyone was extremely accepting. I didn’t have to worry about fitting in as a black male when I went to public school because there were many others like me. It only really started to play a factor when I became a teenager and switched from public to private school and the reality of my pigmentation started playing a crucial role in my life. My private school was comprised of an eclectic bunch of kids but it is safe to say that the student body was predominately white and most of these students came from money. Just like Nick from our “Beyond Categories” reading, I have often been referred to as an “Oreo” and have been told that I talk like a white boy. Though that really doesn’t affect me now, growing up with this always gave me trouble and I had to deal with identity issues during my high school years. Erikson along with others believes that all kids have to go through these issues in order to grow into a functioning adult. With the majority of my friends being a different race in private school, it really
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opened my eyes to many things regarding race that I didn’t have to deal with while still in public school. Living in the suburbs has always been a luxury that my parents
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MidtermRace-1 - The Suspicious New Faces Growing up in the...

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