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Guidelines for How to Write Effective Survey Questions Be aware of your personal biases and make sure your questions aren’t slanted toward certain responses (Don’t you agree that…). Make sure you know exactly what you’re researching or trying to find out (what percentage of average college students engage in binge drinking and why they say they binge drink). Your questions should follow directly from your research question(s). Be clear and concise. Use words that everyone understands. Write clear and easy to follow instructions. Make sure you ask about the subject’s race, class and gender and any other relevant characteristics (region, ethnicity) you will want to consider in evaluating
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Unformatted text preview: and sorting responses. • Avoid loaded or leading words. • Stick to questions that measure one thing at a time. • Sequence the questions logically. • Preview the survey and/or have a colleague review it. • Consider the time needed to complete the survey and let subjects know how long it will take. • For richer responses, ask some open-ended questions, provide a place for comments at the end or ask subjects if they would be willing to be interviewed as a follow up. Use or zoomerang for your survey. You can post it on Facebook (just be sure to qualify your results if they are only from your friends and you don’t get a very diverse response)....
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