802 Paper Two

802 Paper Two - English 802Analytical Reading and Writing...

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Unformatted text preview: English 802Analytical Reading and Writing Professor Benzon Paper Two Topic: Photography and Visual Culture Our readings in this section of the course focus on the cultural analysis of photography. Beyond being central to our culture in a practical sense (the simple fact that photographs are prevalent everywhere in our culture), the technology and practice of photography shape how we understand that culture. Thinking analytically about photography raises larger issues and questions about our culture: what does it mean to document the world through photographs? What is the significance of this media form for us as producers, subjects, and viewers? Can we define ourselves and/or our world through images? How much freedom do we have to do so, and how much are we confined by the centrality of photographic images to our world? Your task in this paper is to develop an analytical argument about a series of photographs. Your paper must answer the question, What is the cultural significance of the photographs you have chosen? Your argument should be specific. Do not just make the obvious claim that the images you choose reflect a certain culture or identity or that they have cultural significancethat much is assumed in the assignment. And do not just describe what is shown in the photographs or give a narrative or history of the photographers or subjects of your photographs. Instead, build your argument out of careful analysis of how your chosen photographs reflect certain ideas and what the larger implications of that process arewhat questions do these images raise, and how do they speak to the issues we have been reading about and...
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802 Paper Two - English 802Analytical Reading and Writing...

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