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chart bills of rights

chart bills of rights - 6 Notice of nature and cause of...

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12 Provisions of Bill of Rights Applicable to Criminal Justice Process: [1789 Const, 1791 Amendments ratified] Amendment Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures 4 Grand jury indictment in felony cases [NA] 5 No double jeopardy 5 No self-incrimination 5 Speedy and public trial 6 Impartial jury of state and district where crime
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Unformatted text preview: 6 Notice of nature and cause of accusation 6 Confronting opposing witnesses 6 Compulsory process for obtaining favorable witnesses 6 Counsel 6 No excessive bail or fines [NA] 8 No cruel and unusual punishment 8 [all but two are now applicable to states]...
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