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decision stages REV - Evidence included or excluded Guilty...

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Goldkamp Introduction to Criminal Justice Basic decision stages in the criminal process: DECISION STAGE KEY ACTOR FUNCTION/EVIDENCE RESULT Offense Offender ? Victim reports/not Victim Various factors Investigation Police Evidence Search warrant, arrest warrant Arrest Police Probable cause Police charging Police Evidence Complaint Prosecutor charging Prosecutor Probable cause/evidence Probable cause document First appearance Judicial officer/judge Risk of flight/crime Pretrial services information [Prosecutor charging] Prosecutor Evidence/probable cause Misdemeanor trial Municipal/District Ct Judge Proof beyond reasonable doubt Discovery Prosecutor Discloses evidence to defense Felony Preliminary hearing Municipal/District Ct Judge Probable cause/prima facie case Formal charges: information Felony grand jury Prosecutor/jurors Probable cause Formal charges: indictment Felony Arraignment Felony/Trial ct Judicial officer or judge Defendant decision Not guilty or guilty plea
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Pretrial Motions Judge Raised by both sides
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Unformatted text preview: Evidence included or excluded Guilty Plea Prosecutor/Defense/Judge Negotiation between defendant and prosecution Guilty plea after colloquy Type of Trial Bench or Jury Judge or Judge and Jury Defendant decides based on various concerns Jury Selection Judge with Prosecutor and Defense Counsel Voir dire/both sides screen, supervised by judge Jury members and alternates selected Trial Judge /adversary Adjudication (guilt, acquittal, dismissal, mix) Sentencing Judge Based on various aims, factors Revocation/resentencing Judge Probation, parole violation reviewed; revocation as backtime or changed conditions Probation/parole officers can have detainers lodged to hold pending determination by judge Disciplinary hearings Corrections administrators Administrative hearing Sanctions Release from sentence Judge, parole board, corrections, governor Judge, parole, corrections, governor...
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decision stages REV - Evidence included or excluded Guilty...

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