Group Quiz 1 definitions 3

Group Quiz 1 definitions 3 - broken or harmed by crime...

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Group Quiz 1—Crossword Definitions CROSS 4 The judgment exercised by decisionmakers explained by th three-legged stool concept 6 An indictment is produced as th formal charging document from _______. 8 The formal charging document that is the product of prelimina hearing is_____. 10 Right to speedy and public trial by impartial jury, which amendment? 11 Eighth amendment deals with fines, punishment and the right what? 13 Punishes to make an example t communicate to potential offenders a threat to discourage illegal behavior 14 A justice theme shared by the bail and parole decision particularly, involves anticipati future outcomes 15 A justice aim to repair what is
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Unformatted text preview: broken or harmed by crime (noun) DOWN 1 The justice aim which derives from the ancient eye-for-an-eye (lex talionis) philosophy is 2 First ten amendments to Constitution 3 Term for procedural safeguards for accused as they face criminal processing 5 The justice aim involving removal or control of offender to remove his/her crimes is ________. 7 One of two general headings of type of justice aims which have in common punishing to bring about a future state (of less crime) 9 Amendment deals with protection against self-incrimination 1 2 Preliminary hearings occur in what kinds of criminal cases...
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Group Quiz 1 definitions 3 - broken or harmed by crime...

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